We help youth develop a viable list of temporary housing options and we facilitate contact. If there are no viable short-term options, we place them in emergency shelters, host homes, help with room rentals, or place them in our transitional housing apartment. If employed, we help them identify and negotiate a safe room rental. In partnership with local housing authorities, we provide case management to young adults in high school so they are able to access housing subsidies. We manage a host home program which matches clients with individual homeowners who offer clients youth a safe place to stay for a predetermined period. On September 1st, 2017, we opened the first transitional housing apartment for 5 unaccompanied females ages 18-24 to provide rapid, safe, and affordable housing for occupants while they work towards stability. Due to the success of this initiative and the replicable model, we are currently preparing our 2nd transitional housing apartment to be ready for occupants by April 1st. . It will allow for 5 additional placements of high-risk females. Once our clients are stably housed, we help them procure the supplies and furniture they need to start their life in their new living quarters. Ultimately, we work with our clients on building financial competence, appropriate savings goals and budgets.