6,725+ Homeless Public High School Students in MA

Experts estimate 4-5 times this number have already dropped out

We are open Monday - Friday, both in-person via appointments and virtually through Zoom meetings, phone calls, and Facebook Messenger.

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Holiday Drive

Support our Holiday Drive 2020!

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, especially the homeless young adults we work with. This holiday season, we are seeking special donations as well as gift cards to give our clients the freedom and flexibility to choose what they want and need most.

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Our Mission

Equip and Empower Homeless or Imminently Homeless Young Adults with the Skills and Support They Need to be Safe and Self-Supporting

The Haven Project is the only organization north of Boston dedicated specifically to providing age appropriate services to a growing, vulnerable 17-24 year old homeless young adult population. We implement our mission through six essential focus areas: basic needs, employment, housing, education, health, and community engagement.

Coming to Lynn in 2023: Catalyst Housing!

We are in the developmental stages of our largest undertaking yet, Catalyst Housing, which will expand the housing options for homeless and extremely low income young adults north of Boston. Catalyst will offer 23 studio apartments for extremely low-income 18-24 year olds, and a 24th unit will house a live-in Resident Manager. Apartments will be on the 3rd and 4th floor of our historic 57 Munroe Street building. In addition to providing secure and sustainable affordable housing, our ultimate goal is to provide on site opportunities where residents can achieve their full potential by using the many wrap-around services we offer.

Exciting update! On Tuesday, July 19th, 2022, Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito announced Catalyst Housing as one of 11 affordable housing projects to receive funding in the form of direct subsidies, tax credits, and housing vouchers!

Our Impact

What we have done so far in 2023..


Homeless youth housed


Clients Served


Calls answered


of eligible clients enrolled in SNAP Food Stamp benefits.

What We Do

Our Services

Basic Needs

We provide meals, unrestricted access to a food pantry, gift cards, ID’s, clothing, backpacks, hygiene items, Tracfones, on-site showers and laundry facilities, emergency funds, and other basic needs items.


Success Stories

Hear From Our Clients


I got my green card at 16, but that did not solve all my problems. My uncle said he’d take care of me until I turned 18. My uncle really only let me stay because I was working full-time and paying most of the rent. I was failing high school because of all of the work, but I needed a place to stay. I went to the Haven Project and they helped me get a room that I could afford and I was able to be a part of their job-training program. They gave me a tutor and I’m now passing my classes. I don’t have a lot of extra money but I am happy and safe. I’m graduating in 7 months, and I think I have a shot at college. I will be the first in my family to go!



I was in foster care all my life because my parents were drunk and violent and the state said they couldn’t take care of me. Once I turned 18, I tried to make it on my own. I like not having people tell me what to do all the time but sometimes its lonely and I get angry because I don’t have what other people my age have. Its hard to be alone and things are complicated on the streets. Right now checking in with the Haven Project is all I’m ready for- it’s a good place to get help and a hot meal when I need it.



My life was okay with my mom until she got a boyfriend. My mom chose him over me and he wanted me out. I was so angry with my mom. I stayed at the shelter for months and started drinking. I couldn’t believe that my mom let him kick me out of the house. The Haven Project staff was always happy to see me, joked with me, and helped me finish high school. They found me a free HVAC training course and I passed. My mom was so proud and she finally got rid of that boyfriend and I was able to move back in. I’m okay now, but really want to save to get my own place because who knows how long I can stay.


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