Executive Director

Gini Mazman

“People are surprised when I tell them that most of the young people who come in our Drop-in Center are not parenting or pregnant, do not have a criminal record, and are not addicted. They are, however, all broken, afraid, and young when they come in to us for help. They have had failure after failure in relationships, school, and work and this failure wears on them and makes them vulnerable and hopeless. At the Haven Project, we have a short window of time to meet their basic needs and then quickly present them with opportunities for success. I feel so lucky to have had the chance to meet so many of these young people and start an organization that could change the trajectory of so many young lives.”

Gini is a lifelong resident of the North Shore. She has a BS from Salem State University, an MBA from Northeastern University, and a graduate certificate in non-profit management from Suffolk University. She worked for 17 years in various leadership and business management positions before she left to work in the non-profit field. She has years of experience in grant-writing and program development and management for transitional age young adults. She is the founding Executive Director of the Haven Project.


Director of Client Services

Emily Urbina

“I was so inspired by this organization that has found a legitimate need that very few are meeting. The more I work with our clients the more convinced I am that there is a huge deficit of support, wisdom, and positive guidance in many young peoples’ lives. I feel truly privileged to be involved in providing that to an under-served population.”

Emily oversees the daily program and case management of the Haven Project’s clients. Her background is in education in multicultural and 3rd-world contexts, and she received her BA in Education with a focus on Adult Education. She is bilingual and has experience in ESL and administration of non-profits.


Social Enterprise Manager

Fredy Hincapie

“The Haven Project has offered me the tools, commitment, and passion to impact individuals and the community. Our young adults have great potential to succeed and I am grateful to be a piece of their life that propels that.”

Fredy migrated from Colombia in 2003 and has been a Lynn resident ever since. He graduated from Lynn Classical High School and is currently finishing his degree in Business at Salem State University. Fredy manages the social enterprise, Land of a Thousand Hills Café, and oversees the Job-Training Program.


Development Coordinator

Zahra Maria Janoowalla

“I’ve always wanted to work in the non-profit world doing work that improves the health and wellbeing of young people, so the Haven Project is right up my alley! Although I am new to the area, I grew up in a place very similar to Lynn; I feel like I am back home doing the work I love.”

Born in Kenya, Zahra completed most of her education in New Jersey, where she graduated with a B.A. in Biology from Rutgers University. She then attended the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University, where she graduated with an MPH and a certificate in Child, Youth, & Family Health. Zahra has years of experience working with youth and young adults with special health needs and chronic illnesses. At the Haven Project, she works on the Fundraising and Development team, helping with grant-writing, social media, and event-planning.


Lead Case Manager

Gary Rivas

“Everyday we deal with obstacles. Obstacles that may seem unbeatable, but if we surround ourselves with people who want to help us, people who will push us to be our best self, then you can overcome what feels insurmountable. The Haven Project team consist of these types of people; people who will do their best to help you succeed.”

Gary works directly as the first point of contact for clients in the Drop-in Centers; he helps lead the case management team and facilitates the daily Drop-in Center operations. His background is in psychology and has 18 years of management experience in the human service field. Among many qualifications, Gary is bilingual, a Driver Education Instructor, and a certified Crisis Prevention Instructor.

Client Engagement Lead

Ramey Ferrell

“One of the things I really like about the Haven Project is how we, as case managers, never give up. We are flexible with our clients; if they miss a meeting, we will make it work tomorrow. We have high expectations for our clients. Yes, we are there to support them, but there is a shared understanding that we will work together to make sure the work that needs to happen, happens.”

Ramey has a B.A. in Sociology and M.A. in Theology. At the Haven Project, he serves as our Client Engagement Lead, focusing on outreach, job coaching, and case management. His language skills, his passion for social justice and tackling systemic issues, and his experience working in Lynn make him a perfect fit for the job! He is grateful to be given the opportunity of planting roots in Lynn where he can work with us to end the cycle of poverty.

Case Manager

Angelica Perez

“Being able to transform someone’s life at a critical point is as meaningful as it gets.”

Angelica was born in Dominican Republic and migrated to the U.S. in 2017. She attended North Shore Community College and graduated in May 2019 with an Associates in Criminal Justice. She then attended Salem State University and completed her B.S. in Criminal Justice and Minor in Psychology and Legal Studies in 2020. At the Haven Project, Angelica is in charge of helping clients create individualized plans to gain stability. Her passion to work in the social services field doing meaningful work with youth and her ability to connect with clients and speak Spanish make her an excellent addition to our team. 

Support Staff

Joyce Chiang

“Our young adults are capable of a lot! We all need cheerleaders and that is what the Haven Project represents for many of our clients.”

Joyce volunteers as support staff in our Lynn Drop-in Center and coordinates all meal donations. She holds a BS from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) as well as a Tufts University Masters in Mechanical Engineering. She is passionate about serving the community of Lynn and enjoys working with youth because she is able to encourage positive change. She is always looking for opportunities to volunteer and loves working with Girls Inc. and the Haven Project where she knows that her time is making a powerful impact on young lives.

Support Staff

Lauren King

“The Haven Project provides an outlet for these young adults to learn the skills needed to thrive at such a crucial time in their lives. To be able to be a part of this, especially in my own community, is priceless!”

A life-long resident of Lynn, Lauren graduated from Lynn Classical High School and went on to receive her BA in Psychology at the UMASS Dartmouth. She became a licensed social worker in the state of Massachusetts, and, in addition to serving as the case manager here at the Haven Project, Lauren works as a supervisor in the field of human services.