• 2011


    501(c)(3) Status

    We obtained our 501(c)(3) status, developed program protocols and monitoring systems, developed an outreach strategy, and hired and trained staff on case management systems.

  • 2015

    Expanding program

    We opened an online learning lab to offer individual tutoring on ESL, Hi-set (GED) and Apex (online high school courses).



  • 2016


    Opened a Social Enterprise Cafe

    We opened our social enterprise café, Land of A Thousand Hills, to provide our clients with paid, in-house job-training. This program currently offers on-site employment opportunities to 20 clients each year. 

  • 2017

    Expanding Job Training

    • We expanded this program and developed a product line carrying the name of our job-training program, Catalyst, which offers low barrier employment and training opportunities for homeless unaccompanied young adults that are most high risk. This successful addition to our program has employed an additional 40 clients this year.
    • We master leased an apartment to provide safe and affordable transitional housing for five high-risk homeless females and started a successful host home program.
    • Our social enterprise won the coveted BONS (Best of North Shore) for Best Coffee Shop in both Editor’s and Reader’s Choice! 


  • 2018


    Expanding Drop-In Center

    • We piloted a new Drop-in Center location at the Salem New Liberty Innovation School for the 2018-2019 school year, which provided the opportunity to connect with community partners and we implemented a comprehensive data system.
    • We were awarded Lynn Chamber of Commerce’s Non-Profit of the Year and BONS (Best of North Shore) for Best Coffee Shop in both Editor’s and Reader’s Choice for the second year in a row!
    • We piloted a new Drop-in Center at the Salem New Liberty Innovation School for the 2018-2019 school year which provided the opportunity to connect with community partners, build alliances, and gain name recognition in Salem. 
  • 2019

    Implementing Efforts to Outcomes (ETO) System

    • We opened a satellite Drop-in Center location at the Lifebridge North Shore homeless shelter in Salem, MA, which is open weekly in addition to our Lynn Drop-in Center, which is open daily.
    • We also customized and implemented a client database program called Apricot. This new system helped us shift from our paper-based system to a confidential online electronic record. This database system improved our efficiency, helped us with program evaluation, and streamlined our client interactions.
    • We won BONS (Best of North Shore) for Best Coffee Shop in both Editor’s and Reader’s Choice for the third year in a row!


  • 2020


    Navigating a Pandemic

    As one of the only nonprofits that remained open and operating during the height of the pandemic, we provided critical front-line services both on-site and virtually, and provided a lifeline to hundreds of clients who were suddenly unemployed; and to community members who needed referrals for services

  • 2021

    Implemented a Temporary Shelter

    • We collaborated with Lifebridge North Shore to open a temporary youth shelter, the only shelter north of Boston specifically for young adults. The shelter remained operational for 81 days and demonstrated the importance and the impact having a youth-specific shelter can have in this area.
    • We provided essential basic needs, enhanced our virtual education supports, and expanded our Job Training Program for “double impact” initiative with My Brother’s Table, utilizing our cafe to make smoothies for underserved populations.


  • 2022


    Securing Catalyst

    We secured funding to spearhead a $14+M, on-site, supportive housing project – Catalyst Housing – to provide 23 studio apartments for extremely low-income young adults (18-24, up to 30% area median income (AMI) who lack access to secure housing). This project will offer wrap-around services that will dovetail with the existing supportive services offered by the Haven Project. Construction will commence in May 2024.

  • 2023

    Youth-specific Transitional Housing

    We collaborated with the Lynn Housing Authority to write a successful $2.3m grant to secure a Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program Grant (YHDP) for the City of Lynn. We are now laying the groundwork for a Transitional Housing – Rapid Rehousing (TH-RRH) Program set to open this spring. The two housing projects will be the first of their kind north of Boston. The next few years are critical years to advance our mission and enhance the futures of the young people we work with.