Engage 300 homeless young adults or young adults at high risk of homelessness.

Provide all clients who seek our help with basic needs, including food, clothing, household supplies, toiletries, and transportation cards.

Coach all clients to access insurance.

Connect all clients with providers who can meet their physical and mental health needs

Secure housing for 84 homeless youth in varying settings.

Engage 60 participants in our Job Training Program (JTP) and track their progress.

See another 15 clients – who demonstrated a basic level of employability upon engagement – acquire jobs within the community.

Ensure 100% of clients who complete the JTP obtain employment outside The Haven Project.

Identify, enroll and support at least 55 students in certifications, such as ServeSafe, MediClerk, CNA, OSHA, and CPR training

Assist 40 clients to achieve an educational milestone, e.g., obtain HiSET or GED, enroll/re enroll in high school, trade school or college, graduate from a program.

Develop 8 new partnerships to 1.) assist clients as they transition from our program to outside work positions and 2.) to improve our community outreach and name recognition.

Continue our work with Catalyst Housing – to provide 23 studio apartments for extremely low-income young adults (18-24, up to 30% area median income (AMI) who lack access to secure housing). This project will offer wraparound services that will dovetail with existing supportive services offered by the Haven Project.

Create youth-specific Transitional Housing/Rapid Rehousing program to provide 8 transitional housing placements and 16 rapid-rehousing vouchers, for a total of 24 placements for homeless youth, ages 18-24.